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A famous author had once expressed the truth of life in one beautiful sentence; "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been" This shows how wrinkles are a matter of fear today, especially in women. Nothing is as dreaded by them as the growing age, and women go to any lengths to hide it! But the best way to cover them up is by taking good care of the skin and of course makeup!

  • Wrinkle Skin Makeup IdeasBotox is the new 'in' thing to hide wrinkles. The short for Botoulinum toxin, this protein is produced by a bacterium. A recent innovation that has created a rage in the cosmetic surgery field, this treatment can be used to treat the wrinkles and the fine lines that appear on your face due to aging. These can prove to be a good wrinkle cover-up.
  • The best way to begin makeup for any type of skin is to clean it prior to the makeup and then moisturizing it. Cleaning helps get rid of all the impurities present on the skin and a good moisturizer helps the skin to welcome the makeup sans problem.
  • The market today is flooded with products for aging skin. Make sure to pick the right one. The safest bet can be a good mineral foundation for aging skin that contains natural ingredients that do not harm the skin. Wrinkles don't mean heavy coverage. Instead, it means proper coverage, as foundation and concealers tend to settle in between the creases and the lines, making them obvious and horrible.
  • Opt for a good foundation that matches your skin tone. Powder foundations make the skin appear dry; hence these are a strict no-no. Instead go for water-based foundations. These give maximum coverage on aging skin and do not end up looking cakey. Cream-to-powder foundation can also be a safe bet, as these give a velvety and smooth finish and yet hide the wrinkles. A primer can also do a fantastic job of hiding the wrinkles and the age spots that appear on the skin. Those of you, who are concerned about the coverage that a foundation will give, go for primers made for aging skin. A concealer always gives a great coverage for wrinkles, if you use it the right way!
  • Make sure that you use the correct type of makeup products. Powder eye-shadows tend to settle in the fine lines around the eyes and make them more visible. Hence make sure to use cream eye-shadows that give a great coverage and look elegant. Stay away from shimmery and glittery eye-shadows that can enhance the look of the wrinkles. An eye-illuminator can define the eyes, by hiding the dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes. Make sure that the illuminator suits your skin tone and type, or you might end up looking like a ghost.
  • Lipsticks can be used anyhow, make sure that too bright shades are avoided. These can accentuate the wrinkles around the mouth and make your face look ugly, and waste all your efforts on the right look. Matte lipsticks should also be avoided as they make the lips appear dry and chapped. Make sure to apply a lip balm to your lips and moisturize it before applying the lipstick. Go easy on usage of lip-liners. They are too harsh on your face and make the fine lines visible.

Sam Ullman once said, "Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust." Don't worry about your wrinkles and create more of them. Instead smile and find the correct ways to hide them.