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Eyes are the most beautiful and delicate part of the human face. Applying eye makeup correctly is important as it can enhance or spoil your complete look. Women have been applying eye makeup since pre-historic times, Cleopatra was known for her stunning eye makeup. Her eye makeup looks are still being adapted by today's women to create sexy smoky bold eye like her. Women from Egypt, Greece, Rome and India have been found wearing some kind of eye makeup since several hundred years.

Eyebrow defining:

Most women forget that properly shaped eyebrow with a defined arch can enhance the beauty of your eyes. There is several beauty products that can be used to fill define and shape the eyebrows. Refer various articles on this site to find out how to choose the shade of eyebrow filler, how to shape your eyebrows and how to define them.

Eyelid area:

Eye Makeup IdeasThe eyelid area makeup lets you use your imagination and creativity to create different eye makeup looks. The product used on this area is called as eye shadow, which is available in various form such as creme, powder, liquid and gel. Using matte subtle peach, pink or brown undertone shades can be used to create a subtle eye makeup look for work or official meeting. Using shimmery shades, you can create various bold, dramatic eye makeup looks that can make you stand out in the party. Eyeliner is used to line the eyelid and define your eyes. Eyeliners are available in various forms and colors that help you to highlight your eyes. To apply eye shadow, you need to known eyelid contouring, highlighting, defining, etc, which you can learn by referring articles on this site.


Just defining and lengthening your eyelashes, can help you create a different look. For adding volume to your eyelashes and nourishing them, you can use eyelash conditioner. There are various mascaras available in the cosmetic market that helps to add volume and length to your eyelashes. There is a wide variety of mascara such as clear, lengthening, volume enhancing, colored, shimmery mascara, etc. Refer this site to know various methods to use mascara and create different looks.

How to choose shades?

The cosmetic stores are flooded with a huge variety of eye makeup shades. Using the right shade and product is important as it will enhance or spoil your look. Refer this site, to find out the shade that best suits your eye color and brings out the colors in your eye.

Modifying eye shape:

Asian women or women with thin eye can make their eyes look bigger by lining the inner rim of their eye using a white eyeliner pencil. Refer this site to find various other ideas to modify your eyes.

There is a lot of information on various eye makeup looks on this site that you can follow to create a different look for a special party or a professional meeting. It is important to use products that suit your sensitive eye area.