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Makeup is the first love of a woman. Everyone loves to look good. Then why should skin color be an obstacle? Thanks to the research and scientific progress any skin colored people can now have beautiful makeup. Women with black or dark colored skin can experiment with a lot of colors and create beautiful looks.

  • Makeup for Black WomenA black or dark skinned woman should always use foundation that is water-based. Dark skin tends to look oily and shiny if cream-based foundation is used. The best part for dark skinned people is that they all have even skin tone and they are less susceptible to skin problems like acne and pimples. Thus it's easy to achieve a nice glow on the face of these people. Try the perfect foundation from the cheekbone to the jaw-line. If it is difficult to find the right shades at one go, then you might mix two or more shades to come up with the perfect combo. Use a sponge to apply the foundation and dust your face with translucent loose or pressed powder. A concealer is also an important part of your makeup as it ensures that your skin looks perfect without any flaws.

  • Medium hues in eyes shadows can create a dramatic effect for dark skinned or black skinned women. This will look really sultry in the evening, whereas the daytime look should be of camel, taupe, medium brown highlighted with a lighter shade in the same family, like peach, pale apricot or reddish pink. Colors like deep purple, navy blue and dark metallic colors also look good on these eyes. Bronze and gold eye-shadows look alluring. These colors can also catch attention if used as eye-liners. Dark skinned women generally tend to have brown or hazel eyes; hence the makeup of these eyes can be in various styles depending upon the situation i.e. daytime or evening, office makeup or party makeup, and so on.

  • A blush enhances the cheekbones and the contours of the face. Coral, rose, deep orange look great as blushers. Don't opt for browns or peachy shades for blushes as they look artificial. Bronze, wine and plum shades can create a fabulous effect for night/evening or party makeup. The most perfect color for blusher can be dark rose pink that brings out fabulous contours. While using blush, the undertone of the skin is very important. The shades of the blusher can be matched with these.

  • Lip-colors are the most important while doing makeup. Matte finish lipsticks create a full and complete effect, whereas frosted and shiny lipsticks make the makeup look garish. Medium and dull shades look the best. Black women can carry pinks with grace and elegance. It makes them look classy. So opt for medium shades of pinks and wine shades. Make sure that your lipstick matches your eye makeup. Use lip liner to line the lips before applying the lip-color. This will help you blend the lip color with the liner. You can also use high shine lip gloss to make your lips look fuller and luscious.

In the words of Franklin Thomas, "One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings." Black is beautiful and there no need to feel left out or bad because you have dark skin. Go for a great makeup and feel your best.