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Melasma is common skin disorder that is found in men and women, but especially in women. It is seen by appearance of brown or gray spots or discoloration patches on the areas like nose, chin and forehead. It is more prominent in women as it occurs due to hormonal changes or imbalances in a woman. It also occurs during pregnancy, when woman are facing a lot of hormonal changes. The melasma occurring during pregnancy is called as chloasma. It can be covered nicely, with the help of these few tricks:

    Melasma Makeup Ideas

  • Melasma can fade away very easily, but it is discovered that sunlight and exposure to UV rays can trigger that to a greater extent. So make sure that you apply a sunscreen before every makeup. The sunscreen should have at least 30+ SPF factor that can protect your skin from the sun. Unless something is really important, avoid going in sun when it is at its strongest, i.e. from 12 pm to 3 pm.

  • Wash your face while doing makeup with a mild concealer and pat it dry. Apply sunscreen and let it dry before commencing with your makeup. It is advisable not to use makeup if you have chloasma, since it can create and trigger skin problems.

  • Use a corrective primer for covering your melasma. This can hide all the discoloration and bring out an even skin tone. A tinted primer always works for melasma. Primer contains silicone that, without harming the skin, gives superior coverage and makes the complexion look even and glowing.

  • A concealer with SPF can work wonders in concealing melasma. Make sure that your concealer is hypo-allergic. A medicated concealer can also do a good job on covering the melasma. Post application of the concealer, you can go for a good foundation that also contains SPF factor or a medicated formulation that can successfully cover up the melasma pigments. Mineral makeup can be safe bet for coverage of melasma, as it contains organic substances that are known to protect the skin from allergies yet give a beautiful coverage. Use a brush or a sponge to apply the concealer and the foundation. Using your fingertips for application of the foundation and the concealer at times can prove to be unhygienic.

  • Use mild and organic blushers for your cheeks if you have melasma on your apple of the cheeks. Avoid going for bronze and brown shades in this cases. It can highlight your skin disorder and make it stand out prominently. Using light shades such as baby pinks and light rose, or peach can work wonders in creating a beautiful illusion of rosy cheeks.

  • Usage of dark colors like browns, grays and blacks should be avoided on the eyes. These can highlight the melasma pigments on the forehead. Instead opt for colors like deep purple, navy blue or dark greens on your eyelids that will make you stand out amongst the crowd without much ado. You can opt for lighter tints in the same colors for the makeup in the daytime. This can create a beautiful look and divert all the attention from your skin problem.

  • Using purples, mauves and pinks on your lips can also be a great option. Just be sure to take your complexion into consideration. Lipsticks can also be a great show stealer, and can make you stand out, looking gorgeous.

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