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Desire galore is a human tendency especially, when we talk about woman's desire to look beautiful. She cannot just be satisfied about the way she looks; she wants to be the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. In a bid to get the perfect look, she will experiment with the make up. May it be the desire to have big eyes or have a different nose shape or high cheekbones; she does not stop asking for more. For all the women, who want to get the desired shape of your nose keep reading.

Longing for the look:

    Big Nose Makeup Tips
  • Long nose becomes a problem and many women want to make it look in proportion. Foundation can provide you with a remedy to provide you with the favorable light.
  • The tip is to apply a foundation that is only 1or 2 shades darker than your skin tone to the tips between the nostrils.
  • Cover the whole spot with foundation and concealer to blend well for the natural effect.
  • Darker shade of the make up base will reduce the length of the nose. It gives an even and proportionate shape to the nose.
  • Use a lighter shade on the lower half of the nose and a dark foundation on the nostrils.
Wide nose solutions:
  • Wide nose can be slimmed down at the bottom by applying a dark foundation just above the nostril and then blending it with a regular color.
  • After applying foundation, apply a highlighter on the top of your nose along the bridge. Start at the tip of your nose and blend it upward. Keep the tip bright. This will bring down the size of the bridge.
  • On both sides of the nose, apply a darker color to give a contour. Do not let your nostrils cake up as it gives a made up look. Keep the color lighter in the middle. This is where light flashes on your face. Use a darker color on the corners and the areas just above the nostrils.
Mask the Narrow Nose:
  • It is easy to mask the look of a narrow nose than you have imagined. The trick lies in using a concealer that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone at the center of your nose.
  • Cover up the side part of your nose with another concealer. This concealer should be a few shades lighter than your natural skin color.
  • Move downwards until you get to the nostrils to get a wider look to your nose. Make sure you use a perfect base that is evenly applied.
Bumpy and uneven nose:
  • Bumpy nose can get attention soon. If it is not balanced and covered properly, it overshadows your entire face.
  • Apply a dark foundation to the bump. This disguises the flaw. Apply foundation in a line down the centre of the nose. This can also make your nose look straight.

Make up tricks for big nose

  • Kick start your mission to narrow down your nose by applying a foundation lightly on the entire face. Do not use the powder immediately. Make sure that you blend the foundation evenly so that the lines do not appear on your nose, especially the line of demarcation on your face.

  • Look in the mirror; observe the exact shape of your nose. Is it too wide or too long? Then, begin with a white eye shadow and a stiff brush for a wide nose. Sponge the eye shadow on the brush and apply it with short strokes over the sides of the nose. Begin from the widest part of the upper part of the nose. Go straight down to the top of your nostrils. Now you see, your nose looks thinner. This is because the white color makes the width appear thinner especially, in the unbalance of the color to your eyes.

  • Apply some powder as you normally do on the entire face. This diffuses the white color by spreading it over the nose. You will observe a huge difference on the width of the nose by blending the powder into the eye shadow. Make sure you blend all the areas of your face all around the corner of your nose, because make up builds up in this area. Great you just did it. You narrowed your nose without spinning a bundle.

  • Use a concealer to hide the dark circles and make your nose less prominent. Apply a bit of illuminating and hydrating concealer to hide the dark circles. This brightens under eye skin and keeps it hydrated. Choose a concealer of a shade lighter to your natural skin tone and apply it below the foundation.

  • When you blend the colors, use your fingers to rub it, starting from the top to the sides. Line of demarcation should not be visible. Apply powder to the entire face, avoiding the hairline and mouth. Apply more powder to the side of your nose as compared to the top where you apply the eye shadow.
It is quite ironical that even the beautiful women have a desired look in mind. To create the illusion make up helps a lot. Nose make up tricks play with the shape of your nose to get the desired shape and look.